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AdSupervision™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is AdSupervision™?

AdSupervision™ is a patent pending feature of InternetSupervision™ that pauses and restarts members' pay per click campaigns at advertising networks such as Google AdWords and 7Search.com.

How often does AdSupervision™ check my site?

InternetSupervision™ clients determine how frequently their site is checked. Available intervals are checked at 60, 30, 15 and 5 minutes.

For whom is the AdSupervision™ service best suited?

AdSupervision™ is not just for large advertisers (but it may benefit them the most). AdSupervision™ helps advertisers on a smaller budget as well since they typically do not host their own site, have their own servers or staff a programming team to develop their own solution to this problem.

Will AdSupervision™ pause my campaign if my server reboots?

AdSupervision™ has a built-in triple-check or what we call "False Alarm Prevention." Regardless of the check interval you choose, if your site is down on the initial check, the system will check your site two more times (every two minutes) before sending a failure alert and will turn off your campaign's at that point only.

How does AdSupervision™ prevent accidental or "false" campaign pausing on my advertiser account?

InternetSupervision™ minimizes "false alarms" scenarios by using distinct geographic locations and multiple tries.